With the arrival of December 21st, the winter season has officially arrived. Though we don't get the biting cold winter weather that other regions may get, here at Rio Vista Ford we still can appreciate the arrival of the winter season. Though for many, December 21st has a very different meaning, that of the shortest day of the year. And for those with alternative energy powering vehicles or devices, that can mean a slightly worrisome loss of time with their source of energy. But those with Ford solar technology have an advantage over all the rest.

With Ford technology the owners are ready to go much further than the rest, powered by the most innovative and cutting-edge alternative fuel technology. Vehicles like the Ford C-Max Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid, the Ford hybrid lineup is more than able to deliver some of the best experiences in a hybrid vehicle.

Take a look at the video below to see Ford's seasonal greetings.

To learn more about any of the Ford hybrid vehicles, or any other new Ford models, come and see us at Rio Vista Ford in Rio Vista, CA. We'll show you through our selection of available models and help you compare them to find the very best one for many years of automotive enjoyment and efficiency.