The arrival of Valentine's Day can be a variety of things to many people, for some it is a reason to get out and once again try dating. Though there are many stigmas surrounding organized dating schemes such as speed dating, the Ford Motor Company hasn't given up on it, and even go so far as to revitalize the process by adding in a 2015 Ford Mustang. Oh, and a beautiful professional stunt driver.

Check out the hilarious take on speed dating below.

The Ford Mustang is a great vehicle in which to do this prank, as you saw it lures the unsuspecting men in, some even go so far as to begin posturing for the female, but their fa├žade is easily broken down, once the speed jumps up and the maneuvering becomes exact and precise. The aggressive exterior of the Mustang is one of many reasons it has become an American icon. The engine hidden beneath the exterior can be chosen from many different options, varying from extremely efficient to extremely powerful, making the 2015 Mustang one of the most exciting in the history of the model


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