Almost one full year ago, Ford unveiled its bold vision for a high-performance future, led by the returning Ford GT among a select few other models. Today, we are incredibly close to the arrival of these performance models in showrooms across the country, and the Ford performance lineup now boasts many more models than it did a year ago. Along with the Ford GT, F-150 Raptor, and Mustang, drivers can enjoy the Focus RS, Fiesta ST, Focus ST, and many more.

Backing this lineup of vehicles are two of the most famous drivers out there, Ken Block and Vaugh Gittin Jr, who bring extra validation to this exciting set of vehicles. High-powered burnouts, drag races, rally races, and much more are on the docket for these exciting vehicles, and very soon they can be yours to own. Not every vehicle in the previous video is a production model, but with some customization work, you could replicate just about any of the vehicles shown.

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